General terms and conditions

Owner-Pobligations (Charterer)

  1. The owner undertakes to make the recreational craft available on the agreed date in a perfect and operational condition.
  2. Should parts of the equipment have been lost or damaged during a previous rental, the hirer may only withdraw from the contract or claim a reduction if the seaworthinessis impaired.
  3. In the event of damage caused by a previous rental, or if the owner is unable to provide the agreed pleasure craft for any other reason beyond his control, the owner has the right to provide a comparable craft (if available) or to refund the rental price,without the hirer being entitled to any compensation. The amount of the refund shall be proportionate to the duration of the failure.
  4. The right to dispose of the pleasure craft is transferred to the lessee at the moment he confirms (verbally or in writing) that the pleasure craft and the propulsion engine are operational and the contents of the inventory list on board. Thereafter, all complaints by the lessee about the equipment and fitness of the recreational craft areexcluded.
  5. The insurance policy does not cover the persons on board against accidental damage, nor is the inventory brought along insured.

Tenant Pobligations (Charterer)

  1. Sport boats (rafts) are rented to persons who have not yet reached the age of 18.jage have as well as against indication of the personal data (valid identification document is to be presented and will be copied).
  2. The recreational boatis only allowed in sufficiently deep water (min. 80 cm). Driving on the shore isprohibited.
  3. The specified number of persons may not be exceeded.
  4. The hirer undertakes to comply with all legal regulations and to abide by the rules of water sports with the hired sports boat. Right of way rules and "water signs" are deposited on the sports boat and must be followed.
  5. If the pleasure craft cannot be If the pleasure craft cannot be re-rented on time due to the fault of the skipper, the owner is entitled to loss of use and, if applicable, claims for damages against the hirer for lost rentals on the following days.
  6. The transfer of the pleasure boat is prohibited, unless otherwise agreed with the owner.
  7. Even in the case of damage caused without fault, the skipper expressly releases the owner from any responsibility as owner and is personally liable for all lawsuits, proceedings, fines and confiscations he causes. In the event of a breakdown of the pleasure craft , the hirer is required to pay the owner compulsory and contractual damages of twice the daily rate of immobilisation of the pleasure craft . In case ofconfiscation, the l essee isobligedtoreimburse the new value of the recreational craft specified in the insurance policywithin 10 working days.
  8. The security deposit must be paid in cash when the pleasure craft is handed over. If the condition upon return is satisfactory, the security deposit will be refunded immediately . In the event of missed deadlines, double the rental price will be deducted from the security payment for each hour or part thereof.
  9. Fuel is charged according to operating hours. EUR 12.00 per hour, charged at 15-minute intervals.
  10. Final cleaning will be charged to the tenant at 15€. The final cleaning fee may be doubled in the event of gross soiling.
  11. In the event of damage to or loss of the pleasure craft or an accessory, the hirer is obliged to pay the cost of repair or to provide an appropriate replacement. In this case, the deposit will be retained until the damage has been paid, and any costs incurred in settling the damage will be deducted from the deposit.
  12. The pleasure craft must be returned clean and unloaded at the prescribed time. In the event of delays, double compensation for use shall be paid by the hirer, irrespective of the reasons for the delay. Difficulties caused by weather conditions do not affect the obligation to return the boat on time.
  13. Pets are NOT allowed on board.
  14. Shishas or similar devices using coal, fire or similar are prohibited. In case of non-compliance or disregard, access to the raft may be prohibited, at the expense of the hirer. 
  15. Contact with the bottom will result in a chargeableinspection of the underwater hull. The hirer is liable for all damages, losses and accidents (also to his crew). The costs amount to at least a crane fee (approx. 200.00 EUR) to check the damage and will be carried out by the company Commodore Marina Importe, located in the NIXE marina Berlin Wannsee. For sport boats rented in Potsdam, the transfer costs are also to be borne by the renter, these are calculated according to the travel time and the time spent by our employees. An hourly rate of 60.00 EUR is to be charged for this. The travel time to and from the location is to be borne by the hirer, at least 2 hours.
  16. The owner has the right to withdraw from the contractin the event of justified doubts about the skipper's competence, with retention of the contract fees, or to arrange for a competent skipper. The costs shall be borne by the hirer.
  17. The hirer is obliged topayan insurance contribution of 15.00 EUR/day for each sports boaton site or online.



  1. Cancellation is possible up to 8 weeks before the date for a fee of EUR 30.00, rebooking for another date is also possible.
  2. A fee of 50% of the agreed rent is dueup to 4 weeks before the date. A change of booking to another date is not possible.
  3. From 4 weeks before the date, a fee of 100% of the agreed rent is due. It is not possible to change the booking to another date. Travel cancellation insurance is recommended.
  4. Illness: To cover such cases, we advise all customers to take out travel cancellation insurance when booking. If you have not taken out insurance, we hope you will understand that we cannot offer alternative dates or refunds in the event of illness, even with a doctor's certificate. The same applies to death.

Place of jurisdiction

  1. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. If individual provisions of the contract are void, the validity of the rest of the contract shall not be affected. The foregoing terms and conditions of contract shall be recognised. Any ancillary agreements must be in writing in order to be legally valid.