What you always wanted to know

Is there a toilet/WC on board?

No, all our rafts do not have a toilet on board. As a rule, you can stop at various places during your tour to use the toilet. In case of emergency, you can book a camping toilet with us. You can get one on site without any problems, we have enough in stock. Please note that the toilet is a SELF-SERVICE.

Do I have to be there on time at 10am?

You do not have to be there at 10.00 a.m. but you should have taken over the boat by 12.00 p.m. at the latest. From 10:00 you can take delivery of the boats, decorate them individually for your party if required and load them with your food and drinks. Please remove your individual decorations after your trip and make sure that no balloons with confetti or similar contents are used, so that the water is not polluted if the balloon should burst.

Power/socket or music?

There is NO electricity or power socket on board, nor is there a music system. Please do not bring any music equipment with you, as this only causes unnecessary noise and trouble on the water, as others may feel disturbed by too loud music. 

For how many people is a boat allowed?

Depending on the type, the number of people allowed varies. Please enquire about the maximum number of persons on the basis of the different products.


This is about the number of persons, not the weight. Babies and children also count as full persons. In the event of an inspection by the water police, you can expect to be fined if the number of people is exceeded. You will also be escorted to the next mooring and the excess person(s) will have to be let off the raft. If you do not adhere to the number of persons, we can prohibit you from the date at your own expense. 

Do I need a driving licence?

You don't need a driving licence to hire a raft from us. All boats are licence-free. However, you should be at least 18 years old to rent a boat from us. Driving licence free does not mean "law free"; also on the water applies: "No drinking and driving!" - otherwise your insurance cover and your driving licence are at risk, just like when riding a bicycle in traffic.

Are special skills required?

We will give you a basic introduction to the most important traffic and behavioural rules on the water and the regulations to be observed. Consideration must be shown to other water sports enthusiasts. Nuisance through noise and inappropriate behaviour must be avoided. Everyone wants to spend an unforgettable day on the water and enjoy it to the fullest.


Four-legged friends are not allowed on the boats. Please remember the 4-legged ones have little space and the floor can get very warm. So it is not a pleasant experience for the 4-legged ones. 

Can you barbecue on the raft?

It is possible to barbecue on the raft, with the necessary caution. All boats have a gas grill on board, also the gas bottle is included.

Is the consumption of petrol included in the rental costs?

The consumption of petrol is not included in the rental price. The cost of petrol is calculated on the basis of an operating hours meter at 12.00 EUR/hour in 15-minute intervals. The operating hours counter only runs when the ignition is switched on. Example: If you leave the harbour and go out for 45 minutes only to anchor; spend the whole day there and return in the evening for 45 minutes, then you can calculate 1.50 hours at 12 EUR = 18 EUR for petrol.

How much is the deposit?

A cash deposit of EUR 400.00 per raft is to be paid in cash when taking over the boat

How high is the deductible?

The deductible in the event of liability damage is EUR 400.00.

Damage covered by the insurance refers to damage that may occur directly to another boat, e.g. due to an accident.

Loss or damage due to broken accessories is not covered by insurance benefits and must be borne by the customer.

What do I do if one of the participants or charterers falls ill on the charter date?

To cover such cases, we advise all customers to take out travel cancellation insurance when booking. If you have not taken out insurance, we hope you will understand that we cannot offer alternative dates or refunds in the event of illness, even with a doctor's certificate. The same applies to death.

What are the fees in case of cancellation?

In the event of withdrawal from the contract, i.e. cancellation:
up to 8 weeks before the date 30.00 EUR processing fee
up to 4 weeks before the date 50% cancellation fee.
from 4 weeks before the date 100%, i.e. the full contract sum must be paid.

Travel cancellation insurance is recommended.

Bad weather?

"For seafarers there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes".

Of course, we always wish you the best weather for your boat trip! Unfortunately, however, we can neither rent this out with, nor

guarantee. Therefore, in case of bad weather, we would like to remind you that you have rented an "adventure raft" and hope you will also approach it with the appropriate attitude. Our rafts have weatherproof cabins. Please understand that we cannot postpone your booked charter date due to rain or bad weather.

How much does self-inflicted damage cost?

Damage caused by you to the boat's accessories must be paid for by you at the end of the rental period according to the price list available at the time of rental. The deposit paid by you may be retained to cover the damages.

How does the handover work?

You will receive a briefing in accordance with the recreational craft rental regulations, please plan a time window of at least 15 and max. 60 minutes for this and the handover of the inventory, starting from the time of the contractual handover time.

What happens if I come back early from the boat trip?

Earlier returns during the day are usually possible by arrangement with the respective station colleague during core hours 10.00 - 19.00 at the respective rental station. Later returns are not possible, as the stations then close and there are no more colleagues on site to take back the rafts.

Is it possible to extend the booking?

The booking of rafts can be extended on the day of hire in the morning for a surcharge, but no later than 20.00 hrs. You can find out the respective conditions for extending the rental period at the respective rental station. In principle, you should expect to pay at least 1/9 of the rental price per hour of extension.

Are there life jackets on the boats?

Life jackets are available in all sizes and can be hired on request at the respective rental station, free of charge.